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America Needs a Dumpster

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Recently my pastor son recorded a video at the request of a Phoenix news outlet. The question given to him to address was; “What would you give America for Christmas?” Brian’s answer to that question? He stated that he would like to give America a place to deposit their negativity and pain. One huge dumpster. Good answer. I have written this to make certain I give him credit for his ideas. But, I would like to elaborate a bit on this subject as we begin 2019.

Throw Away Anger

First of all, wouldn’t it be wonderful if people could somehow do away with their anger and hostility? We see and hear it everywhere – from the common man’s house to the White House. Folks seem angry with everyone and with everything…price of food, government representatives, football polls and border walls.

Throw Away Prejudice

I would also love to throw away prejudices against those not like us. Those who beliefs do not coincide with ours. Those who hold tightly to their way of life, just as we hold to ours, and believe the other person has to be wrong. But why are we holding grudges at all? We live in the “great melting pot” of nationalities. Each one has brought their creative ideas and genius to our nation, and that in itself is an enormous part of our nation’s strength. And even beyond that reasoning, the Bible teaches that we all came from the same blood, therefore we are brothers and sisters. We need to practice love and patience with our relatives.

Throw Away Entitlement

And while I am talking about throwing things in the dumpster, why not toss out the sense of entitlement that is so prevalent today? You know…people who think they are better than someone else, based on their higher financial status or superior education, and therefore deserve more consideration.

Folks, our God sees no status or position when He sees people. He sees people who are hurting and need His help.

But the phrase ‘sense of entitlement’ has another twist; we also have those who believe that “Everyone who has more than me should have to share with me, and someone should be responsible for taking care of me.” This is a deadly way of thinking. It leads its victim into remaining trapped, emotionally and financially, always having to lean on someone else.

Throw Away Unforgiveness

Another thought on using my huge dumpster; let’s dump unforgiveness! When you refuse to forgive and let go of hurtful memories, you have to carry that heavy load around with you. A wise man once said, “He who seeks revenge must be willing to dig two graves. One for the offender and one for himself.”

Unforgiveness can settle into angry bitterness, and bitterness left unchecked can harden into depression. God says to forgive and be forgiven, He also says to not let the sun set on your anger. He said that for your sake, not for the one who offended you.

Sounds like we all need to grab some enormous trash bags and put’em to good use this year. Thanks, son, for the idea. Good word.

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