Green Grass, Fences and Septic Tanks

Ever had the opportunity to spend any time on the farm or simply drive through the country side? If so, you probably watched horses and cows grazing in pastures, and likely you have noticed something.

These animals do not like to stay where they were placed by their owner. And nobody really

knows why.

Here’s the frequently seen scenario. The farmer or rancher buys them, or raises them from

birth. During the warmer months, he turns them out onto his fenced green pastures to graze to their heart’s content. He makes certain they have access to water year around, and gives them expensive store-bought feed in the wintertime. Provides shelter in the barn when the harsh winter storms blow in.

Food, water, shelter and protection? What more could a four-legged creature want? Well,

evidently, a lot more.

They seem to crave what is just beyond the fence that protects them from predators and

traffic. The grass just seems to call out their name, convincing that stupid cow that it’s gonna taste a heck of a lot better than the grass where they are standing….three feet away. And somehow, that same stupid cow will find a way out of that pasture. An internal hole-in-the-fence-seeking-radar must come standard on these animals. ‘Cause if there is even just a six-inch opening in the wiring that surrounds the pasture, you can bet that cow can sniff it out. She will poke her head thru that barbed wire, ignoring the pain from the cuts just to get a taste of what’s outside the fence. Then she will nudge and squirm her bulky

body thru that hole, until she is totally free and standing outside of the fence’s protection. The owner will likely find her next to a dangerous, heavily traveled highway, grazing peacefully on grass that is probably a lot less quality than where she just left.

And even worse, these creatures of rebellion are training their offspring to do the same thing.

“See that thar fence, eva’body? That means only one thing. Ya’ gotta find a way through it, over it, or ‘round it. Cause that green stuff on the other side tastes a whole lot better than this grass at our feet. Prob’ly tastes a lot like chicken, I been told. So ya just follow me, ladies.”

Just like a lot of two-legged creatures. No matter how good life is, or how well the Creator has provided for us, some folks just can’t stand to stay inside the fence. They see one blade of grass on the outside. “Oh, yeah, lookin’ good!” Then a tiny hole of opportunity will present itself. And a stupid two-legged creature will ignore the painful warning cuts and will barge right on through the protective fence. The very fence that is put in place by God to protect them from harm. Just to taste a mouthful of grass that is growing out there. Probably directly over a septic tank.

Just sayin….

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