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It's Hot Back Here!

Years ago, when we were a family of two young boys with their Mom and Dad, we traveled quite a bit. Either headed to a church where Andy was scheduled to speak, or leaving to come home. And rarely did we get all four doors closed or the motor started, before we heard a childish voice pipe up from the back of the van, “It’s hot back here!”

Circumstances or situations did not matter to our youngest, it was hot to him where he was seated, and we all heard about it. Real truth or not, that was his truth, so he felt everyone should agree with him and do something about it…instantly. He was hot, and the comfort level of everyone else in the van was unimportant.

Sound familiar? No, we are not referring… that certain person in your own family. But to the prevailing attitude of many in our country today. The loud, constant complaints and insistence that everyone be aware of how the world has mistreated them. And what must be done to correct every real or perceived abuse so that their life is better.

Now, we are not disagreeing with them that life’s hard. Because everyone who has ever drawn breath has problems. We have not heard of anyone who can honestly say that their life has been a barrel of honey and roses.

This is what we are saying.

The impact on the whole should be considered when meeting the emotional and physical needs of the one. It is sad when those who spend so much of their time insisting that the world fix their problems seem to barely consider how others will be affected. Just like when there is a demanding prima donna in the family. Money, time, and effort must be centered specifically on that person’s issues, regardless of the ill-effect on the other members.

Myopia has developed. Definition of myopia: 1. “Nearsightedness; defective vision of distant objects. 2. Lack of foresight or discernment; a narrow view of something. (Taken from In plain words, they believe there is only one side…theirs.

Remember the movie some years ago, when God gave the power and authority to a man to answer the prayers of everyone? Quickly overwhelmed, he began answering Yes to everyone’s self-centered requests, and tragedies soon resulted. Complete chaos soon became the norm, with floods, droughts, bankruptcies, deaths, and disgruntled lottery winners by the score. Takeaway? Not everyone can be pleased - all the time.

Consider this statement from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:5; “Love doesn’t demand its own way.”

By the way, our self-absorbed young son from years ago is now married to a wife who loves warm temperatures. His own personal preferences would still dictate that the temperature stay at “freeze everything in the room” but love has taught him to also consider the needs of others in his family.

Valuable lesson indeed.

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