Familiar with it? The phrase, “Hey, I know a guy who can…,” usually said to you about the time you have thrown a plumbing wrench clear across the kitchen. Referring to a man you can trust to fix the job you just botched–and do it honestly and perfectly. Someone who has gained the public’s confidence in his expertise. Whoa!! That can be hard to find today in this world of shady deals and ‘that’s good enuff.’

Now that I have brought up that topic, I ask you. What happened in our American homes when the last two generations were being reared? Did Moms and Dads just go on strike when their children were growing up? “I feed you, give you a bed to sleep in, and pour Tylenol down you when you catch a cold. Not my responsibility to teach you honesty, integrity and a work ethic. After all, ya spend a lot of time up at that school with them there teachers. Don’t they teach ya’ nuthin?!”

Where did we go wrong in this country back then? True, I realize there are many hardworking guys and gals out there, who do their job the best that they can. They care whether it is done right. But Houston, we have a problem. We also have business owners who are padding their bottom line by skirting integrity. Workers who are being paid and do as little as possible. Politicians who are skirting integrity, chasing skirts, being paid, and do as little as possible.

How do we get us back to where we started in the beginning? A country full of vitality, guts, pride and reliance? I honestly have no idea. Other than to go back to what our USA was at its very beginning. They had pride in what they did for a living. The guts and integrity to take a stand against crime and laziness. Vitality and creativity that oozed from every corner of our country. And a reliance upon their God, who promised He would protect and bless those who lived to honor Him.

Oh yes, I know, sluggards and thieves were around back then also. But they weren’t the norm. And their way of life was not accepted as okay. They were known, disliked, and disciplined for what they were, a drain on the country. But today? “Well, they have the right to live as they want. I can’t impose my standards on somebody else.” So now, anything goes. Lifestyles, habits, crime. All are viewed thru the tainted lens of “We have choice. After all, we live in a free country.”

Where, what, how, when? Getting us back to our starting point, so that we again enjoy “favored status with our Creator?” Very good questions. And I have no answers. Other than beg God for forgiveness and watch this country begin a long slow trek back to where we should be.

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