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The Cussin' Pastor

He was so upset that fateful Sunday morning. The Ol’ Devil had been busy, creating heartache and emotional injury in his small East Texas town. So the young pastor had decided that it was time to preach against that wily serpent. High time somebody exposed who was causing such turmoil.

That morning he had been doing a good job delivering his message. Colorful. Exciting. Pointed. And the enthusiastic crowd had been “Amen-ing” and encouraging him as he rolled along. But the longer he preached about the harm Satan was causing, the angrier he became. Until finally he reached the no-return boiling point. Self control burst, and the inexperienced young minister broke into a full cussin’ jag against Satan and the damage he was causing.

He stopped stock-still when he suddenly realized what had come out his mouth. Stunned, ashamed and totally embarrassed. With head bowed and without another word, he snapped his Bible shut and found the nearest door of the church. The crowd was left frozen in their pews, shocked and utterly astounded. Finally the deathly quiet turned to twittering, as each one twisted in their seat to begin whispering to someone near them. In a few seconds, the hushed murmuring rose quickly to a loud excited babble.

Finally old Brother John slowly rose to his feet from his customary place on the third row. Scratching his balding head, he spoke in his wavering voice. “Wa’al,” he said, “I done saw jest what you saw. I done heard jest what you heard, and I was jest as…um…surprised as all of ya’ll. But folks, look at it thissa way. At least we know where our young pastor stands!! I’ll make a motion we call him back in, and give that boy a raise.”

No doubt about it, the crowd in that little church that day knew just where their pastor stood!

In today’s political maneuvering and endless speeches, combined with media bias, wouldn’t it be great to actually hear what a person truly believes? Oh yes, I know that young pastor stepped out of line that Sunday morning, acting in a manner no minister ever should. But if you have been around a pastor any length of time at all, you know they make human mistakes. That young minister was fired up. Angry for good cause. But he voiced that godly emotion in an ungodly way.

What about you? You have convictions and beliefs that you will stand on, regardless of consequences? Way too many folks follow the ‘party-line,’ or their crowd of friends, (or what is being spewed out of the mouths of personalities on TV news shows) without stopping to think through an issue. Never developing personal hard core beliefs.

The herd mentality; do it or say it because everyone else is, takes the easy way out. Don’t have to think, research, or stand alone. But it can be hurtful to all of us. That kind of mindless behavior is behind riots and massacres. Thousands of years ago, it even contributed to the crucifixion of Jesus.

His enemies wanted him dead, which was evident. But the crowd of people present wasn’t out to kill him, at first. They simply made the mistake of listening to Jesus’ enemies planted among them. And they listened without thinking for themselves. Before long, they became part of a chanting, blood-thirsty horde.

It may not be easy or popular to stand alone against what the crowd around you is doing. But standing for what is RIGHT is always right. In Revelation 3 Jesus said, “I would that you were hot or cold. Because you are lukewarm, I will vomit you out of my mouth.” In other words, “Your lukewarmness makes me sick.”

Find out what the Bible says is right, and then stand for what you know. “Stand, and then stand some more,” said the Apostle Paul.

‘Cause if you don’t stand for sumpin’, you could fall for anything.

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