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What Happens to the Unprepared Christian?

When my sons were in school and on the basketball team, one of their friends was also on the same team. He enjoyed playing, even though he wasn’t the best of players. And the camaraderie off the floor with the rest of the team made the hours of practice time worth it to him, even though he got very little actual playing time. Sitting as the twelfth man on a twelve-man roster, he rarely was called by the coach to be in a game.  But during one very physical game several of his teammates fouled out of the game, and substitute players were having to be used quite often. Finally the harried coach was down to using his last boys on the bench. He approached our friend and told him to get in the game.

But he refused to get off the bench.

He called the coach down close to him and whispered the truth, “I’m not wearing my uniform!” Thinking he would not get into today’s game, he had put on his warmups without his team uniform underneath. Needless to say, the coach was not a happy camper.

Now, years later, the memory is humorous, and our family has had many laughs together over it. But at the time it was shocking and sad.

Only Looking the Part

Seems like some believers are much like our young friend, they put on the outward trappings of a relationship with God, but inwardly they have nothing to prepare them to ‘get in the game.’ Outwardly, they absolutely look the part, but inwardly they are not prepared to take on the opposition. Folks, we can look the part of anything we choose, but truly never have prepared ourselves for doing the job. Having an appropriate wardrobe that tells others you are ready for the job does nothing for you when truthfully, inwardly you are not prepared for the game.

God Looks On the Inside

Actually living for Christ is far more important that what we portray to people around us. Scripture says that “man looks on the appearance, but God looks on the heart.” Be assured, you are in the Game of Life, you are not a benchwarmer. How well you are performing depends on how well you are prepared, not how you appear to someone else. 

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