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What To Do With Your Unbelievable Bible

Sunday lunch was on the table and after the family sat down together and grace was asked, Mom asked Little Johnny, “Well, what did you learn in Sunday School today?”  “We learned about Moses crossing the Red Sea,” he confidently replied. So Mom started pursuing the subject, “Well that is good, tell us what happened.”

Quickly swallowing his mouthful of roast beef, Johnny began a very exciting tale of the Biblical incident. “Moses called in the Air Force to bomb Pharoah’s army. The Marines came behind them to cover their rear flank. When they dropped a bomb in the middle of the sea and blew every bit of the water plumb out of sight, Moses and his friends walked across that dried up ground and lived happily ever after. The end.” He then picked up his buttered roll and proceeded to devour it in two bites.

Looking at Johnny in utter astonishment, his mother skeptically replied, “Now, son, are you really sure that Mrs. Jones told it to you like that?”

To which he replied, “Heck no, Mom, but if I told you what she really told us, you wouldn’t believe it either, so I just fixed it.”

Sometimes it seems the greatest things of God are totally unbelievable. So, we often try to put God on a human level in order to be able to grasp and understand His plans and deeds. But may I remind all of us – the Lord says, “My ways are not your ways, and My thoughts are not your thoughts.” Psalms 8:4 says “What is man, that You take notice?”  

The great preacher from years ago, Dr. Adrian Rogers, once said, “We try to deify man, humanize God, and minimize sin.” But this only causes us to be in conflict with God, and doesn’t change Him or His plans one bit. He alone is God, whether you believe it or not. Folks, rest assured, God doesn’t answer to us nor does He need our help or approval to accomplish His plans.

What Do You Believe?

Yes, Johnny, the Moses story might be easier explained had it happened in ways that we mere humans understand. But instead, we have to believe it was exactly the way the Bible reads, because God is so powerfully omnipotent, He can do anything He knows He wants done.

What absolutely unbelievable tales could you tell – tales of things that have occurred, that could have only happened from the hand of God Himself?

What do you believe? That there is really a God Above All? Or do you try to reason and explain away the things in life that mystify, awe and even frighten you?

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